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January 21, 2010

I didn’t catch up with any new members at the Jan 19 monthly chapter meeting and I didn’t take any photos. I’ll get back on track next month, but I’ve substituted this photo to demonstrate just how much fun I had at the meeting!

Why did I have so much fun? Was it because John Elbare’s presentation was so full of information that could be instantly and easily applied back at the office? Was it because I met some new people and said hello to others I already know?

Yes and Yes, but I think the shift from interesting to FUN was because I am intimately involved with the chapter as a volunteer and board member. AND because when asked our membership IMMEDIATELY responded with a willingness to volunteer for the chapter. The communications committee alone now has Donna Houchen for the Job Bank, Tracy Blalock as a freelance writer, Victor Teschel managing Facebook, Theo Renaud managing LinkedIn, and Todd Marrs and Ann Madsen on public relations. WOW that is a lot of energy!

Under the leadership of Melody Marrs your chapter is becoming increasingly more about YOU the members. Take about five minutes and answer the survey here before 2/12/10 and let us know what YOU like, don’t like and want to see happen.

And for heaven’s sake, become a fan of AFP Suncoast on Facebook and start talking to other members. At the February 16 meeting we will draw two winners from the first 50 fans for a complimentary lunch.

If you want to see photos of real members and philanthropists, visit the photo album on our website. All of the National Philanthropy Day pix are up there now. If you’d like copies, just email me at

I promise I’ll deliver a new member interview next month!