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Affecting Change, Achieving Impact

October 7, 2011

by Kim Payne.

The AFP Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) had the distinct privilege of hosting Andrew Watt, President & CEO of AFP at their September meeting.  He had some very complimentary comments for attendees about the host chapter.

With the theme “Affecting Change, Achieving Impact,” Watt said we’re one large family. While personally not a fundraiser himself, he has worked with professional fundraisers for 20 years.  “There’s no community or people like fundraisers. Working together, we can create positive change,” said Watt.

He was effusive in his comments concerning the contributions made by the Suncoast Chapter.  “Since 2000, you have contributed over $13,000 to AFP which is extraordinary,” stated Watt. “This money is used for developing research and resources, conducting training, advocacy and education,” he continued.

He advocated professionalism as the hallmark of fundraising and a continuing commitment to the community as a critical component. He also recommended developing philanthropic partnerships by thinking creatively.

He also suggested organizations’ value statements should be unique and crystal clear to make your case for funding. The impact a donors’ dollars are making need to be constantly reinforced.  “In order to facilitate change, you need to engage people on their own level,” he remarked.  “As part of your outreach in making connections, it’s important to listen. We don’t listen enough,” he commented.

In conclusion, Watt again told the group to think outside the normal boundaries. “Engage people and keep them; retention is absolutely critical,” said Watt. “Create a relationship and maintain it.  Constantly emphasize  to your donors the key impact their contributions have made towards achieving your mission,” concluded Watt.