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Table Domination

October 27, 2009

On October 20, 2009 at the monthly meeting of the AFP Suncoast chapter I went looking for Mary David, a new member. What I stumbled upon was another instance of table domination! Mary was a new member of this chapter, but her organization, Suncoast Hospice Foundation, has been around.Founded in 1977 as an all-volunteer organization, today the hospice serves tens of thousands of individuals every year.

Six members of the organization dominated a table and were joined by their consultant, Paul Dietrich. Here they are (in random order):
Mary David, Capital Campaign Manager
Melissa Baumann, Donor Services Assistant
Karen Van De Putte, CFRE, Planned Giving Manager
Mike Bell, Executive Director
Timothy Beams, Foundation Relations Coordinator
Bryn Warner, Director of Annual Support

Suncoast Hospice Foundation

Suncoast Hospice Foundation